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So hard to bend the strings with my AEG
#1 Posted : 1/31/2009 10:05:11 AM

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Got a 2006 model Ibanez AEG- 8E BK, and i got problems with bending the strings. I'm still using the same strings that came with the guitar, don't know the gauge but they seem to be very thick and the string action is high. Is it the thickness of the strings that makes them so hard to bend? It's impossible for me to bend the strings a whole step. Have been playing for about 3 years now, and i have no problems with bending on my electric guitar, or my friend's acoustic. I'm a little weak in my fingers, but i can bend strings 1 1/2 step without problems on my electric, so my finger strenght shouldn't be a problem i think.

I want to change the strings to a much lighter gauge, but will this have a big affection on the intonation and the sound since it's an acoustic? Don't know much about acoustic guitars so i have to ask :) Or is it just hard to bend strings on the AEG series in general?

Despite the bending issue i think it's a good guitar :) A little hard to play, but that's no problem!
#2 Posted : 1/31/2009 11:44:07 AM

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The stiffness of the strings is determined by the string gauge and by the scale length of the guitar. Heavier gauge strings will have a higher tension and will be harder to bend than lighter gauge strings. Guitars with a longer scale length (the distance from the bridge saddles to the nut) will produce a slightly higher tension on the strings than shorter scale guitars.

I have an AEL20EVV acoustic electric and an AR305AV electric. It is much easier to bend strings on the AR305AV (24.75" scale length, 0.011 to 0.049 gauge strings) than on the AEL20EVV (25.5" scale length, 0.012 to 0.053 gauge strings).

If you want to make bending easier on your acoustic, you can change your strings to a lighter gauge. When you do this, it might be necessary to adjust the neck relief using the truss rod, and you might need to adjust the saddle height to improve your action.

truss rod adjustment
checking action at the nut
lowering action at the saddle
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#4 Posted : 1/31/2009 3:50:39 PM

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Thanks for your help :) Nice little guides!
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