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True Duo Pickup Wiring? 6 lead pickups
#1 Posted : 11/14/2010 10:11:23 PM

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Hello, im new to this forum, but i was wondering if anyone knew the correct wiring color codes to the 3 different coils, or if anyone had a 2008 SAS32ex diagram with the 2 true duo humbuckers that was correct. From what i can tell the blue goes to white, the orange goes to red. and the yellow goes to black, and then of course there is the ground outer wire. but im not sure which is which coil so i can install a switch instead of the push pull knobs.The Pickup is supposed to work by switching 2 different 4 lead sets (sharing one) to a stacked single coil, and when not activated its a regular humbucker so if anyone owns this guitar and can tell me the correct order of each of the wires, that would be helpful, but if anyone has a diagram or can get one it would really help me out. I was thinking of hooking the humbuckers up to 2 different on-on-on toggles so in the center position all coils could be activated, I tried a sequence with a meter and the 3 coils together in the neck came to like 16.66K so any help is great help. Thanks to anyone who tries, Ross - Ross8642@aol.com

The 6 colors are White, Blue, Orange, Red, Yellow, Black and Bare
#2 Posted : 11/25/2010 10:35:40 PM

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a bit late

with a multimeter
check one wire to the next ( starting with the blue )
once you see a reading from one to the other that is the coil
those two wires are the start/finish of the coil

there are 3 coils all together

find them all

looking at the image

the blue
is the hot and the start for the inside top coil

the red
would be the end of that coil
as it it the transition between single and humbucker modes at the push-pull

the black
being on the bottom side of the PP makes it attach to the red and should be
the finish of the second humbucker coil
( current in a humbucker goes -- start/finish-finish/start --- to get the "hum canceling" )

the white
being the top of the PP, goes to the finish of the "stacked" coil
for the same reason as above

the grey is the bare ground

the other two wires
the start from the second hum coil and the stack coils
in this diagram are tied to the bare and not shown

again find a meter and prove this out as some of the colors arent accurate

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