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Possible Frankenstein? (Can you help me identify this RG?)
#1 Posted : 12/22/2010 10:12:34 AM

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Hi Everybody,

Glad to be a part of the community! Long time Ibanez user, first time poster here.

A good friend of mine sold me this wonderful instrument for $200 Aus - and I intend on doing it up as a project guitar. As such it's more of a shell than an instrument at the moment so I've decided to go from the ground up. I'm coming to you today as I've spent the last 5 hours scouring the internet for information trying to clarify what type of RG I've just picked up.

I have discerned that judging by the serial on the neck (F9935896) this is a 1999 Fujigama made RG. From my looking I had reckoned a 450 or a 470. It has Gotoh machine heads.

The thing that has tripped me up is that there seems to be from my looking some conflicting pieces of hardware as to which I can't seem to find any one model containing this particular setup. It's got a Lo TRS Floyd Rose Trem, the pickups aren't branded (exception being a small v in black marker on the back of one of the hummies) and I'm not entirely sure they're what came with originally as neither myself nor my mate are the original owners. There was no pickguard and all of the wiring is done through the front of the guitar. The input jack cover is square.

Furthermore, upon removal of the neck from the base, I have found that the neck is stamped as "RG480AH" and the body as "ARG-450DX". Now I'm pretty sure the axe isn't a 450DX (as they had sharktooth inlays if I'm not mistaken?) and I can't seem to find any information on the RG480AH - leading me to believe it doesn't exist?

I may well be showing all sorts of 'Noobness' or what have you, but I come to you fellow Ibanez owners in need of your expertise. Can you tell me if I have a legitimate axe? Or a Frankenstein?

Thankyou all in advance.


#2 Posted : 12/22/2010 12:27:28 PM

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seems to be a bit of a frankenaxe, but all the parts are ibanez ones. also, it would seem that the body of a 450 and a 480 are identical as well so it's entirely reasonable that it's 100% stock
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