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IBanez AEG-10N preamp problem-no schemtic or wireing diagram on support website
Eddie Lemoine
#1 Posted : 4/27/2011 9:47:42 AM

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this guitar has an Ibanez aeq-ss preamp and claimed Fishman under saddle Pick-up. Problem no normal signal out of quarter inch jack. verified cable and amp using a different Ibanez nylon string guitar checked ok. I was an electronic tech prior to becoming an electrical engineer.wiring from pick up unplugged from preamp had continuity-(braided to female end and also (center to other female end- a(2pin) jack.between the 2 wires measured open otherwise not shorted.note-had and tried 3 new 9 volt batteries so not a battery problem. measured B+ w-volt meter at wires where connected to preamp P.C. board (no cable plugged in to guitar)Red to black wire measured -9 V., also black to preamp metal case measured -9 V. red wire ( Battery+) measured 0 volts and 0 ohms to preamp metal case. Both ground and signal wires (2pins of 4pin jack measured good and not shorted. case/condition-2:With guitar to amp 1/4 inch cable plugged in B+ at preamp P.C. board measured +9 VDC which is where it should be. Prior information: sometimes in the past when used and working,would sometimes would make intermittent connection but would clear up after a few re-plugs.It appears but not for certain there may have been a (make before break failure) in the battery disconnect circuitry at the cable plug-in jack on the guitar. note- with this type of design a twisted inner jack barrel, factory defective or marginally weak or too close
tolerances on signal pins of the input jack could cause a transient spike and possibly degrading the input preamp circuitry. This is just failure analysis conjecture. Note- trouble shooting was done only the wiring. The P.C. board was looked at but not taken out of the metal shield container. also all E.Q. sliders and volume knob was tried at min and max positions, phase switch tried both positions did not fix but caused a pop or crack when pressed or depressed.

PLEASE PUT WIRING DIAGRAMS, SPECIFICATIONS,DETAILED INFORMATION, MODEL NUMBERS,etc. for your acoustic guitar preamp lines and pick-ups on your technical support web-site. also electrical trouble shooting guide and faq's for acoustic electrical issues would be helpful. thank you. (E.L.) E-mail me for a possible fix or what I should do next? By the way I own 4 Ibanez guitars!!!!
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