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How to post pictures on the Ibanez forum!
#1 Posted : 1/20/2014 10:07:48 PM

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I've started this new thread outlining how to post pictures on this forum!
Please read this post if you are unsure how to post pictures. After reading this, if you still have any questions about posting pictures, you can post a reply in this thread and someone should be around to help you out.

Welcome to the new picture posting thread! Firstly, I'd like to give you a small overview of what goes on when posting a picture to the forum. There are two different methods used to post pictures here.

Embedding or Attaching

Embedding pictures is a way to display a picture that is "hosted" somewhere else on the internet. This means that the picture needs to exist on another website somewhere on the internet. For example, this picture you see below isn't actually stored on this forum at all!

This image is actually from a different website! The forum just looks to the website and takes the image to disply here in the post window: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ibanez

If that website somehow vanished from the internet, deleted that picture, or is down for maintenence, the image above wouldn't show up!

The other method you can use is...

Attaching a picture
This is a different process from embedding and, in fact, does store your image on the forum. This method will show your picture at the bottom of the post window and has certain size limitations. This method will not require you to go to any other site to post your picture, but may not accept your picture if it is too large.

How to post pictures!
We've learned a bit about what the posting methods are actually doing, now lets learn how to use them!


Step 1: Upload!
As I mentioned earlier in this post, embedding requires the image to be "hosted" somewhere else on the internet. If you have a picture of your drums on your computer and you want to embed them, find a website to upload it to, and do it! Here are a couple sites you can upload your image to:


Once your image exists on the web, proceed to the next step!

Step 2: Find the URL!
After it is available on the internet, you need to tell the forum exactly where it is. Most of the image hosting sites will make it easy for you and have the image's URL and other embedding codes already written out for you. Alternatively, you can usually right click(or Command+Click on mac) on the picture and select "Copy Image URL". The URL will start with http:// and end with an image file extension like .JPG, .PNG, .GIF, and so on. The URL will look like this:

If the website has an IMG code already typed out for you, the process is even easier! These will start with the letters IMG in brackets and look something like this:

If you have the URL, proceed to Step 3. If you were lucky enough to find the IMG code, skip Step 3 and go to Step 4!

Step 3: Making the IMG code!
Now that you have the URL, it's time to embed that image in the forum. The IMG code I'm referring to is a specific type of code that the forum uses to embed these images. As I mentioned in Step 2, this code starts with IMG in brackets. Next the URL should follow, and then it should be ended with /IMG in brackets. This shows the URL and how the IMG code should look when you type it in:

IMG code:

You can also insert this IMG code automatically using the forum's picture button!

If you click that button a dialog window should pop up and prompt you for the URL

Simply paste in the URL and click OK. The next window will ask for an image description, but you don't need to type anything in. Click OK.

Step 4: Posting!
Now that you have the IMG code, then only thing left to do is click "Post"! If you typed the IMG code in manually or used the picture button from Step 3 you are all set. If you got your IMG code directly from your image website, just paste it into your post window and you're all set!

In this method, you will not need to upload your picture to any other website.

Step 1: The Post Window!
Using this attaching method, you will first need to start a new post or reply. There isn't any kind of attach button that you can click to post your pictures before you post. Instead, the attaching prompt will come up AFTER you have submitted your post!

After you've typed out your post in the post window, you'll want to check the box that says "Attach Files to this post?":

Making sure that box is checked, click the "POST" button to proceed to the attach window.

Step 2: Attach window!
If you've selected the box from Step 1, you should be taken to this window:

Now you will get to attach your pictures to this post. Click the "Choose File" button and you will be taken to your computer's files. You will need to find the picture that is on your computer that you want to post. Make sure you know where this picture is located in order to find it in this screen. Once you have found the picture, click "OK". Your screen should now have the file listed like this:

Last thing to do is to click upload! Once that is complete you should see the file listed above and your pictrue was succesfully attached!

Now that you know how to post your pictures, you should be set to share your beloved guitar for all to see, or help the forum users here identify a recently acquired axe! If there are any questions on posting pictures, please reply to this post and someone should be able to help you out.

Have fun and keep it appropriate!
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