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Don't Get Duped--Please Read First
#1 Posted : 10/31/2013 4:55:54 PM

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I've been off the forums awhile due to my retirement, med issues and finally moving from Alaska.
I come back and see not only a bunch of "Is my guitar a fake" threads, but they ARE!!!
Thousands of $$$ flushed down the toilet and you're stuck with an illegal hunk of firewood. YES--ILLEGAL.

There are so many folks that get burned by these, and other that just want to know how to tell the difference. I will be continually adding to this guide,as there is just a plethora of info out there and too much to cover at once. I'll start with the basics. Once thing right off the bat--they put several different bridges on these fakes--mostly a knock-off of the Ibanez LoTRS II, but I've seen a closer copy of the Ibanez Edge, but with the screw-on trem bar. There is now a version with the pop-in bar---BE CAREFUL. Scroll down to see this scary monster! Here's a picture guide to light the way...
All of the following pictures show the real Ibanez jem on the left, and the Chibanez on the right.
Here's a side-by-side comparison of the two:

Take a good look the pickguard alignment on the lower horn:

Notice the location of this pickguard screw:

On to the back...
The neck heel is a dead giveaway! The Chibanez heel is longer than the pocket:

Next, look at the output jack access cover. It's routed in the wrong direction:

Finally, look at the trem cover. The slots are too big, and the bottom, horizontal slot is too high up on the plate:

Now let's examine the headstock. While they're getting better, the Chibanez logos are still off. The Jem logo is still too low on the headstock:

Finally, look at the font weight of the Jem logo--the Chibanez is still too dark and heavy:

Now, here's the scariest part--usually the first dead giveaway on the fakes--the trem. While these are a massive improvement over the older LoTrs knock-offs, they still have the screw on trem arm, unlike the pop in arm on a real Jem:

Take a look at the writing by the fine tuners. The real Edge reads, "Licensed under Floyd Rose Patents." The good-looking fake reads, "Tremolo Licensed Under Patents."

The old "sure fire" way of telling the real deal from a fake, was to check the serial number. NOT ANYMORE! The counterfeiters have been using a few REAL serial numbers on the fakes. Have no fear--we are onto them! One of the things that they got wrong, was that they are using Japanese made serials with the "F" in front. Another error, is that some of the "Team J Craft" serials they use don't say "Made By Team J Craft," they say "Made DY Team J Craft"--keep a close eye out for those. Another is that they use those same numbers over and over--look at the pics below. These are all from different guitars, yet most have the same serial number. Keep this guide handy when Jem shopping, or at least write these numbers down. I'll add more to the list as I find them. I'll keep my Chibanez database going for as long as it takes...which means until I keel over...lol.


Stay FAR AWAY from these websites!!!!!!!

Rare Electric Guitars

Trade Tang
Just another Ibanez freak!
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#2 Posted : 7/28/2016 10:50:37 AM

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Excellent photos! I recently picked out an ad on a local list here in Italy for a 'completely original' 'made in Japan' JEM77 vines and mirror pickguard and all... at ONLY 650 euros!!! A very believeable copy, from the photos, until you zoom in on the serial number starting with a 'C'! You'd think they'd try harder, considering the number was surrounded by the full Team J Craft graphics. I won't mention the shop name that it was in because they immediately removed the ad after I pointed out that it was a fake. They claimed it was customer consignment sale, I mean, how can a shop make a mistake like that? THEY're not really trying? Or were they trying a bit too hard...?
Anyways, they pulled the photos before I thought to copy them, for posterity, but the ones posted here already are more than enough to spot a dud from a photo. Anybody that has played a real JEM or other high-end Ibbie shouldn't be fooled for an instant when looking at the guitar itself... though the ones I've actually seen for real weren't even in the quality range of a 180 euro 100 series Pacifica...of which (fretless with GK synth pup and Sustainiac circuit) I am a (reasonably) proud owner.
Anyways, great post, should be bumped from time to time...
#4 Posted : 9/8/2017 9:39:38 PM

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Thanks so much for the info. I have actually been looking at some of those and just about wasted my money it looks like. I'm new here today and really glad to have found this forum.
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