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I've been gon a year
#1 Posted : 12/11/2014 8:22:21 AM

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I've been gone a year and this place has really gone to crap. Maybe Ibanez should stop offering Japan only models. Then they would stop losing once loyal players.
Tracy Dae
#2 Posted : 12/11/2014 3:04:55 PM
Tracy Dae

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Welcome back!

I hadn't noticed anything going to crap. Actually, I have been very happy with what Ibanez has been offering U.S. customers for quite some time now. I was finally able to get a 12-string Artist electric guitar as well as a couple of AR320's and an AR620. All are amazing guitars. They also brought back the classic Iceman, which is also an amazing guitar. I would like to buy one of those but I am saving up for a Blackstar Club 40 or a Stage 60 amp.

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#3 Posted : 12/11/2014 7:40:23 PM

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Hey Tracy,

Glad you're happy with Ibanez. I hadn't been for a few years and making the Genesis collection Japan only was the final straw. I only have 5 Ibbys left. Down from 38. Gigging with another brand completely now. Constantly being told no and having to pay scalper prices to import the guitars (with no warranty) I wanted got to be too much.

I really just stopped back to once again try to get one of the @ibanez guys to delete my account completely.

I hope you are doing well and best wishes,

#4 Posted : 12/13/2014 3:55:15 PM

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Sorry to hear you're leaving. I just have one and a half Ibby's, and I'm fine with what I get out of them.

Not much of a collector here.... I come here to chat with others about guitars, basically.

Good luck in your endeavours.

#5 Posted : 11/15/2016 3:41:43 PM

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Well, I've been gone for a long time as well. Unfortunatelly, social networks made forums go dead...

Any way, to those that still come here, I've been experimenting with my SZ guitar and SG bass and made a few new songs, you can check them on this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A71qmsaKN2Q

Btw., I'll be also working on my next album, where I want to experiment with my new OPN acoustic, so you can help me out. Share or donate. Tnx!

For new album: https://www.indiegogo.co...album-music/x/15247892#/
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