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Question about Rg 652 ahm prestige
#1 Posted : 11/2/2016 2:29:07 AM

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Hello i'm new here, and i recently bought my first ibanez: an ibanez prestige rg 652 ahm.
The guitar is really nice, i like it very much and now it's time to change the strings for the first time.

But i have one question about the neck:

I own other guitars with both maple and rosewood neck, but this neck seems to me not like the common maple neck guitar, (like fenders for example).

I would like to know what is the best way to clean it, if i have to use lemon oil or not, it's seems to me unfinished maple neck, but i would not be wrong...

thank you in advance!

This is the guitar
#2 Posted : 11/2/2016 2:48:23 PM

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This has a finished neck, so you would not need to use any oil on it. The neck has a thin, satin poly finish to protect the wood. If you were to clean it, I would use a dry cloth. If you need to use something more, you can use a slightly damp cloth, but I would make sure not to get it too wet.

Hope this helps,
#3 Posted : 11/2/2016 4:05:34 PM

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thank you so much for your answer, it was very helpful
#4 Posted : 12/31/2016 3:22:36 AM

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It seems you were asking about the fretboard, not the actual neck. Just in case someone else comes across this and wonders about cleaning an unfinished maple fretboard: If it were unfinished maple, my understanding is you would not want to use lemon oil on it anyway, since (according to Dunlop) this can dry the wood out, which is the reverse of what you're trying to accomplish. I've also read in other places that even where lemon oil is appropriate for use, it does not penetrate as well as something like linseed oil, so basically it sucks.


Q: Should I use lemon oil on my maple fretboard?
A: There are two types of Maple fretboards: Finished and Unfinished. Unless you have a vintage Strat your fretboard is probably finished in which case lemon oil (Formula 65) will be as effective as a warm damp cloth and some elbow grease. An unfinished maple board on a vintage or high end guitar can get dried out by the lemon oil. Do not use this product on an unfinished maple fretboard or on one that has dents or scratches. If you are unable to get the mung off your finished maple fretboard with a damp cloth and some elbow grease please take your guitar to a tech and have it professionally done.
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