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S770PB - switched tremolo
#1 Posted : 12/29/2016 11:19:14 AM

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So I decided to change the Edge-Zero II with no ZPS with original Edge-Zero with ZPS, my friend who makes custom guitars did that for me since I have no experience with such things, and I must say he did a decent job, what do you say?

Before (stock pickups, stock bridge)

After (DiMarzio pickups, edge-zero bridge w/zps3)

I love the snap-in arm, it stays in place even after fluttering, the EZ2 would loosen and then float/fall, so if I wanted to dive/dip multiple times with a single note it would loosen up, this stays at its place all the time, tuning-wise it stays in tune for 95% each time I play I have to fine-tune it a bit.
#2 Posted : 12/30/2016 2:50:06 PM

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If you have any pictures of the back of the guitar, before and after, that would be cool to see as well!

Do you know if he had to do any new routing on the top/back? I'd assume he needed to route the body out a little more for the ZPS in the back, but not sure if the EDGE Zero trem dropped in without having to modify the top at all.

Thanks for sharing!
#3 Posted : 1/1/2017 1:06:06 PM

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well then

this is before (w/o cover)

and this is after (w/o cover)

you can see he had to mill out the part for the thumbwheel and the ZPS, and you can also see he had to drill new holes for the back cover since the placement is different, and due to that, the wheel is not perfectly centered as you can see here:

but that's just a minor detail I don't really care about since it fulfills its purpose.

Though the back plate is not completely flushed to the body (he was concerned about something and that's why he didn't mill the slope)

but the bridge seems to be flushed good:

though the first time I played it seemd to be a bit high or something, it felt weird. He also scalloped the last 4 frets for me:

story behind this guitar is I wanted to make it look as much as the EGEN18, but since I didn't had around 2700€ to spend I went with this way. I think he moved the tremolo a bit high because I told him, that before with the EZ2 I could only pull 3 or 4 semitones, and what I heard from an interview with Herman Li he could pull 7 semitones, so I asked if he could do something with that. Also the tremolo itself was about the same size as the EZ2, meaning the distance between the knife edges, the overal width and length were almost exactly the same, give it or take tenths of a millimeter. Also he said that the intonation tool helped him big time setting up the octaves.

P.S. if my English seems weird that's because I'm not a native speaker, thanks
#4 Posted : 1/1/2017 10:30:17 PM

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Your fiend did beautiful work. And, that's a very cool guitar.


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#5 Posted : 3/15/2017 7:42:47 AM
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