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1978 Musician Redo, seeking recomendations
#1 Posted : 1/21/2017 3:24:30 PM

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Hi all. I am a Ibanez Forum newby. Discovered this site looking for information about my recently dusted off 1978 Musician series guitar. I had been on a 25 or so year hiatus as far as playing etc.. Good thing was I did not get rid of my old Guitar gear!
This is a great site, I must say.
So based on my research, what I have is a January 1978 built guitar. Ser# A785564. I believe it is a MC200 model. It is pretty much original except for the pickups. She is not a pristine guitar by any means. Typical issue that I have seen with these is the gold plating on the bridge etc is pretty much gone.
So my question is how much do I try to stay original with this guitar?
It appears the original pickups will be extremely hard to find. So if I can't find them, I would like to put Pickups that would be close to the originals as far as sound.
As far as the metal finish, is it worth finding someone to refinish/replate, or just put aftermarket stuff.
Orrrrr just paint the old?
Any, and all feedback is welcomed!

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#2 Posted : 1/21/2017 10:35:19 PM

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Hello and Welcome

That's a very nice-looking guitar. Even though it might not be in perfect condition, it looks great.

How much you want to stay original with it just depends on your preference, to be honest.
Do you want to restore it to its original look and state (or as close as you can get)? Then that might be a little harder.
But you could just get creative and do whatever you like with it that isn't exactly as the original was.

That's what I would do with it. I'd just replace most of the hardware with a nice new color or something.
Unless there's something special to the bridge and tail-piece, I'd especially replace those with something more modern (not necessarily stylistically modern).
Perhaps something like Chromed or Copper colored hardware would look nice on this. Including the knobs and pickup-rings. (But don't throw it all way.)
Then I'd also rework all the electronics, if not just clean it up if needed. And put in some nice Duncans or something like that.
Of course that would need some financial investment.

Otherwise, you could just leave it as-is for the most part, which is never a bad thing unless it's just not functional.
Lots of people these days "relic" their guitars, which if you don't know is just intentionally putting wear on it to make it look used/aged.
You have an originally "worn" guitar and there's nothing wrong with that. Just patch it up to be playable to your needs and rock it.

I see plenty of possibilities with this. It's just about, again, your preference and how creative you want to get. :)
#3 Posted : 1/24/2017 12:05:26 AM

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Thanks for your thoughts.
I am definitely planning on using it with the current original hardware for the near term. The guitar is functional.
For the long term, what I do depends on a lot of things such as more research for original stuff, feedback etc..
So the hold up for the near term is pickups. I would like to put PUPs in that are close to the original in sound/output. I want to hear what this guitar originally sounded like. Or at least close to what it sounded like.
The results of that can help me going forward with the long term plan.
So I was hoping anyone on this forum might know what replacement PUPs might be close to original. Maybe sometime in the past a PUP maker suggested or they purposely made PUPs for any of these Musicians?
You mention Duncan, was that just a general statement or you had experience putting Duncans on a similar model Ibanez? One of my research items was to look at PUP makers and see what they say.

I know the sound thing is subjective.

Whatever happened to the Washburn Wonderbar? I had and still have one on another guitar and I thought it was/is great. And you do not have to cut up your guitar to put one on. I would consider putting one of those on this Musician.

#5 Posted : 3/15/2017 3:01:15 AM
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