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Scofield JSM10 tunig stability issues
#1 Posted : 1/25/2017 5:58:22 PM

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I have treated myself to a wonderful JSM10 - it really is made much better than my Fender American Standard strat! That cost twice almost twice as much!

But I have one teething problem and that is tuning stability - it slips out, randomly, different strings at diferent times.

I had it professionally set up - they said I was stringing it wrong but it still does it even after they set it up.

My old AS200 didn't have this issue, in fact quite the opposite, it stayed in tune forever! So sad I sold it!

Anyway where should I look to try and resolve this? Maybe swap the bridge or the tail piece for the better ones they put on the JSM100 model?

I'm guessing similar hardware is used across the Artcore range, the 153's etc?

I'm keen to sort this out so I can really enjoy this fine instrument

#2 Posted : 6/2/2017 1:46:29 PM

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Have you checked some of the usual suspects???

(1) Are you using heavier gauge strings than the nut can easily accommodate? (increased diameter strings can jam in the nut slots when bending on leads)

(2) How many string wounds on the tuners do you have? (too few or too many can affect the angle over which the stings cross the nut)

I had tuning problems when I got my JSM10. I use 11's and I think the nut slots might be a little bit snug for them. My local guitar tech widened the nut sluts ever so slightly, and I bought a set of gold Planet Waves locking tuners and popped those in (thereby having virtually no string winding on the tuner poles) ... 99.9% of tuning issues are cleared up.

Best of luck!

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