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My Ibanez RG3120 Prestige SLK - Is it a custom Prototype?
#1 Posted : 3/3/2017 11:05:01 PM

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I own this Ibanez RG3120 Prestige in SLK finish since 2002 when I bought it used in a shop, here in italy.

I've always been wondering what particular model it was since i could never find online a picture of an RG matching the features on my guitar.
Today searching on the internet I found another person in italy with my same exact model, with the same features.

These particular features are:
1. Serial on the headstock is just numbers, no letters, no online explanation of Ibanez codes has this feature. Code is just 611117.
2. The dots on the neck are in the center of the neck
3. On the headstock it says just "Ibanez" not "Prestige Ibanez" but there's the black inlay that says prestige at the 24th fret
4. The pickup switch is 3 way and not 5 way.
5. The tone and volume knob are in line with the 3 way switch.

From what i found this is a rare custom made prototype (a few years ago only one was registered on Ibanez register) of what later became the RG3120 Prestige SLK and then the more common 3120 Prestige TW. on the internet someone said there should be only 6 to 30 of these around. these were shipped probably as an error to be sold as normal Ibanez RG3120 SLK.
The 5 points I mentioned above make my guitar differ from the normal Ibanez RG3120 SLK.

Another RG3120 like mine here.

I write here to find someone who could confirm this and shed some light on the subject.


[img=http://it.tinypic.com/r/jg02ko/9]RG 3120 prestige - Proto[/img]

[img=http://it.tinypic.com/r/aniptf/9]3way Switch + In line Knobs[/img]

#2 Posted : 3/3/2017 11:09:45 PM

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I hope images will show up!
#3 Posted : 3/6/2017 2:07:09 PM

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This is definitely an interesting piece! The serial number doesn't have the same format with a letter first(like you said), but I usually still consider the first number(s) to designate the year. Coincidentally, the first year I can find the "Prestige" logo on the headstock was sometime in 1996-1997. I would say that your guitar most likely came from 1996 because of the "6" in the serial number.

Also lining up with these years, we did make an RGR type model with a reverse headstock. While your neck/headstock don't match this at all, the pickup configuration, knob/switch placement, and tremolo are the same!

I'm thinking it may have been possible that these were the early Prestige models released sometime in 1996 as a limited model, or possible some sample guitars when they were first designing the Prestige line back then. It is tough to say which case is most likely since there aren't ANY records for this model on my end. I will say that it is NOT uncommon to find unlisted models if they were limited or sample models.

Hope this helps!
#4 Posted : 3/14/2017 9:16:28 PM

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Hi Bill,
thank you, this is a big help and the best pieces of information I got about my guitar. I guess it will be hard for me to get more infos about this guitar so I appreciate the help!
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