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Strat sound
#1 Posted : 2/4/2017 4:48:37 AM

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HELLO FOLKS. I have an rg350ex and want to drop my neck humer for a single I'm in miss. We do a lot of blues down here. Any ideas? Also I have a black body and want a good wood pick guard. Aaaand go!
#2 Posted : 2/6/2017 11:01:40 PM

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Not a talkative bunch?
#3 Posted : 2/7/2017 5:39:54 PM

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Originally Posted by: Hemlock Go to Quoted Post
Not a talkative bunch?

Haha! Yeah, some of the guys/gals here don't chime in too often. Especially with something like this.

For pickup recommendations, I'd usually steer you towards a pickup specific forum, like Seymour Duncan's or DiMarzio's forum. That being said, I'd go as far as to suggest maybe not replacing the humbucker, or replacing it with another humbucker! You could change the wiring to split the coils and get you closer to a start type single coil sound.

Wood pickguards are going to be a bit difficult to find! Whenever someone is looking for a specific pickguard, I usually recommend them to find something custom. With different neck widths, screw hole placement, and tremolo cutout styles, our stock Ibanez pickguards usually don't line up without some kind of modification. pickguards.us and pickguardparadise.com are my usual recommendations for custom pickguards.

Pickguards.us has a wood grain type pickguard, but it is actually plastic.

After doing a quick google search, there are a few companies making real wood pickguards, but none have the RG listed(that I saw). I would check them out and see if any of them would be able to make a custom RG style pickguard using your original one.

Hope this helps!
#4 Posted : 2/7/2017 6:52:09 PM

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I'd second the idea of splitting a neck humbucker instead of junking it for a single-coil only. It seems it would be easier to do than install a single coil, and it would leave more options available should you change your mind later about single-coil sound only in the neck position.
#5 Posted : 3/21/2017 4:22:26 AM

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I just got a RG350MDX with a Screaming Demon in it. The previous owner put a coil tap in it and the tapped single coil of the Demon sounds absolutely fantastic in Strat terms!
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