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Ibanez Destroyer..Made In China?
#1 Posted : 5/29/2016 9:30:30 PM

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I can't believe that Ibanez has sold their soul to China.
Since my childhood I've been wanting a Destroyer and there's no way I'm paying $600
for ANY Chinese made instrument.

How can Ibanez do this? If it was made in Indonesia and specially Korea, I'll take
a bite, but never ANYTHING from CHINA = GARBAGE!Naughty
Ray G 007
Ft. Lauderdale, Fl
#2 Posted : 5/29/2016 10:34:36 PM

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Sorry to disagree with you but I own one of the MIC DT-520s and I think it is nicely made.

But then again, I only own 20+ Destroyers spanning 1975-2015 so what do I know... ;)

It's interesting that you mention you'd take either a Korean-made or Indonesian-made Destroyer.

There were a _lot_ of people that said the exact same thing about the Indonesian made DTT-700 as you do about MIC Destroyers.

I thought the DTT-700 was a great instrument, as well.

The Korean-made Destroyers were "OK" but they had more of a machine-made feel to them than the Japanese-made models.

Kind of like the difference between Epiphone and Gibson guitars.

Nothing wrong with the Korean-made Destroyers, they just have a different feel to them.
Tracy Dae
#3 Posted : 5/31/2016 2:04:47 AM
Tracy Dae

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Originally Posted by: rgayo Go to Quoted Post
...but never ANYTHING from CHINA = GARBAGE!Naughty

I will be completely honest with you. I felt the same way at first. Then I had a chance to play an MIC AR320 Artist at Guitar Center. I bonded with the guitar immediately but didn't have a job at the time. Once I got back to work, I bought a blue AR320 Artist. Then a 12-string AR3212 Artist. Then an AR620 "Tree of Life" Artist... I was blown away by the build quality of these guitars. The blue AR320 is my main gigging guitar now - and has been since the day I bought it. Sure the hardware and electronics are not the best but the wood work is amazing.

I have since played a few MIC Destroyers and was equally blown away. I would seriously consider buying one of those just to have one if I had a better job that pays more money.

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#4 Posted : 3/22/2017 2:03:10 AM

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I can understand you reluctance to buy a a guitar from China. After all China is associated with cheap and often poor quality products. No more so than with guitars. However hating on an Instrument simple because of country of origin really isn't far. Particularly when talking about major companies like Ibanez.
The ability to make anything properly including guitars is a matter of proper training and of course over site. Both of which I'm sure Ibanez has taken care of with anyone building guitars with their name on it. In fact lower priced Ibanez's have improved in overall quality quite a bit in the last couple years.
The guitars from China horror stories you hear are largely from people who bought from companies doing unofficial cheap knockoffs. Obviously if a company is making something based simple on the idea of making money and don't actually know what they are doing your going to get a junk no different than if your average person tried to make one with no real training. We all would prefer to have the top of the line models made by the main factory but realistically most of us will likely never have the 5 Grand one of those cost to get new.
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