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LGB30 or JSM100?
#1 Posted : 4/29/2017 3:53:36 PM

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I know, totally different.
But, looking for my first semi or hollow body guitar. I have a PRS and a Martin but want something geared towards jazz.

I want used so someone else eats the immediate depreciation and looks like I could get an LGB30 ~$800. There is also a nice looking 2006 JSM100 for $1500 locally. Of the two I've only played a vintage JSM and a GB10, so not really either.

I only need it to do jazz, not necessarily versitile. I'm hesitant that the LGB will have the added cost of replacing the trapeze that sounds like they all break. Also concerned the JSM, while pretty and easier to hold might be not enough jazz focused. Was considering the fancier GB models but got way too confused about country of origin mattering and size being different!

Give me some direction folks! :)
Top budget $1500 including hard case, less is better of course.
#2 Posted : 5/2/2017 5:01:08 PM

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I like both of those models. I do think the LGB30 will lean a little more on the 'jazz' side, but I still think the JSM would perform well with jazz, even though its a semi hollow.

I know you mentioned looking for used, but I figured I'd mention a couple other non-signature contenders that seem to fit the bill:
AFC155, AFC151, or AFC125 - These contemporary archtops came out this year and really are geared more towards jazz. The AF151 limites you to just having a neck pickup, so unless you know that you'll be using the neck pickup almost exclusively, it would be safer to choose either the AFC155 or AFC125 so you have the options of using either:

Any Artstar model - These come with a case as well and I would specifically lean towards the AF models since they are a full hollow body for a more jazzy tone.

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