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ART100 questions,, bridge ..
#1 Posted : 5/20/2017 5:50:07 AM

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Hello, Newbie to this form.... I'm an old guy decided to learn to play guitar, I bought an used ART100. For the money, it's a black beauty. I've always the loved LP style. The first electric guitar I ever saw was my uncles 54?? LP when I was a kid,, like 60 years ago. I don't have a problem with mine being China made, they make plenty of quality products too. I lived there once, amazing place.

My guitar needs a better set up, I know enough to do this, neck relief is too much,, E string buzz..tuners will do for now,, I'll upgrade the guitar maybe later... but I'm curious why change the bridge to Gotoh etc ? What is wrong with the stock bridge ?

Another question,, is a AR250 that much of a better guitar ???

Thank you,, Teddy Clap
#2 Posted : 5/21/2017 5:37:54 PM

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Hi Teddy, I love the ART100 especially. I have two of them and they both have superior tone, very sweet sounding. I have sixteen guitars and the ART100 is the one I use. My advice is don't change any parts on the guitar, the other models the 200, 300, 320 etc, etc in this line may also sound as good but not that much better if at all. Some of them may have more power out the pickups, but at this point you don't need it. Don't change the bridge, don't change the tuners unless you absolutely cannot get it to stay in tune, but that's a call your guitar teacher can help you with. Most likely the tuners on it are good enough for right now, mine are fine.
Now for the concerns. These ranges of guitars from Ibanez while so very sweet I think are sometimes a bit green out the factory, so fret levelness is usually what to look for. I don't advise a bunch of fret work on them, I would just set up the action as best you can. Then get one of those weird shaped fret level checkers so you can look for high frets. If you find an egregiously high fret maybe you can tap it down with a plastic or brass little hammer or something. Good luck, rock on. RB
#3 Posted : 5/25/2017 6:45:38 PM

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thanks for the reply, I'm happy with my AR 100 , I think I stole it for $150. I play clean and don't really like the tone of the pickups, the body has a bright ring to it. I was thinking of replacing pups with Irongear Dirty Torque and Blues Engine, leaving the pots etc for now. I saw an AR 250 with flamed maple top but passed because i thought price was too high,, just wondering if it was much better for the money.
The first electric guitar I ever saw was my uncles when early 50s Lp ( in the 50s) with the trapazoid accoustic guitar bridge, that was always mint until he took it on a flight, the cold cracked the finish, he recently sold it, said didn't get that much for it.. I've always thought that style was beautiful.
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