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Identity RG model?
#1 Posted : 6/25/2017 9:55:58 PM

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Hey People,
I need to sell one of my guitars but i wanted
first to find out wat type exactly my Rg is before
i sell it.

And to be true wen i was cleaning my RG and put on some new
strings and played it again,and after seeing it everyday standing there shining
like new.I am even thinking about selling my XPT Blue Chameleon instead of the RG.

I know the XPT has necktrue construction and is probably more worth.
But i just dont realy feel that big of a difference in quality wen i play the XPT
over the RG.
The more i look at the RG in transparant red(not even big fan of red)
The more i think the sparkling blue/green looks like a toy guitar to me over the RG.
And i know thats not fare to the XPT because its very good guitar to and somebody els would be very happy with it.

I realy dont know wat the worth of both guitars wil do over time.
Where i come from(Netherlands)u can get an RG for 140/240euro and the XPT wil probably be around
400euro i think.

Okay if somebody could help me identifying my RG or give some advise about wat
happens with the value from the XPT over time,because i realy dont want it standing
here to get only half the price over time as it isn`t my main guitar at the moment.
I dont do gigs and i realy tread my gear and stuf with care,so they wil look
the same probably over the years.

But now back to the RG.

The headstock has the mark Made in Japan.
And Serial number F0221596.
The neck looks like 3 pieces maple with sharktooth.
The body i dont know you can see some flames of the wood through
the trans paint from al the sides u look at it.
I tride to find it searching google but never realy found some RG
That looks the same or they didn`t had the sharktooth neck.(i know
somebody could have replace Original neck)I did buy it secondhand.

I trie to ad pics know.

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#2 Posted : 6/25/2017 10:05:21 PM

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Sorry didn`t mentioned the trem.
Ibanez TRII TREM Floyd rose under licensed.
I bought this guitar around 2008 second hand.

I realy hope somebody could give me some advise
I Always have problems making decisions
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#3 Posted : 7/12/2017 8:11:34 AM

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Hi Everyone,

I am new to the forum, but is has been a great source of information as a visitor.

Any information on the post above would be greatly appreciated as I have an option on an identical looking guitar (F0218057) and would greatly appreciate any guidance as to which model it is.

The asking price here is South Africa is roughly the equivalent of US$400 and I am unsure if this is a good deal.

Thanks in advance for any shared wisdom.
#4 Posted : 7/12/2017 10:02:23 AM

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From the 2002 catalog, it appears to be one of the RG421, RG420 or RGT42 models.
Unfortunately I do not know how to spot the differences on these though.
#5 Posted : 7/13/2017 2:56:17 PM

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Based on the neck/bridge I'd say this is some kind of RG320DX. I couldn't find this exact guitar in the catalogs, but I did find a different variation of the RG320 with the same bridge and pickup configuration. The 'DX' in the number would have designated the shark tooth inlays on the neck:

Hope this helps!
#6 Posted : 7/15/2017 11:58:34 PM

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I would guess that its a 420 or 420DX (dx because of the inlays). Im guessing that its a 420 since it was made in Japan, if it was a 320 it would most likely be made in Korea. Im also guessing that if it WAS a 420 it would have the V7 pickups... so Im not sure because your guitar looks to have the powersound pickups and not the V7/V8s

Some 300 models are made in Japan, but those seem to be made for the Japanese market, all of the 300 RGs I have seen in the USA have been made in Korea.

Regarding value, In the USA a 400 model RG from 2000 would be worth abround 300$/250$ in such condition. I had a RG470 and I couldnt get 300$ for it, I ended up trading for a different RG.
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