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Hello, and asking for help on selecting Ibanez
#1 Posted : 7/19/2017 3:48:40 PM

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Hello. I am new to this site.

I am a so-so to moderate player, and have been playing for about 7 years on and off, now. I don't gig or anything, and mostly play to relieve stress and as a hobby. Even though I have an Artcore AS 73, most of the guitars I own are Squier or fender strats, so those are the guitars I am most knowledgeable about, and how I tend to relate to other guitar manufacturers.

Anyway, I am looking for a good choice of a "super strat" style Ibanez guitar, that is a non trem/fixed bridge style. I don't know if this makes sense to people not familiar with Fender models, but I am looking for a mid range guitar, something equivalent to a Squier Vintage modified or Classic Vibe strat in terms of build and construction quality: which is to say a solid platform, that with upgrades can be made even better. I care less about pick ups that can be upgraded, and more about a guitar with a good neck and body. My price range is $200 to $300 used. However, because I am not familiar with Ibanez models, I am having trouble selecting one.

Here is what I do know about Ibanez: I know that the Gio is the entry level, roughly comparable to Fender's Squier line, Jems are Ibanez's higher end line, and generally speaking the higher the model number, the better the quality. The thing that confuses me with Ibanez models, is there seems to be overlap with RG and S models: to me they look similar, some RGs have fixed bridges, some S models have trems.

Could someone please help clear some of this confusion up, and perhaps offer some models I can start looking in to? Thank you!
#2 Posted : 7/27/2017 2:42:23 PM

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I would browse the Ibanez website to try and get a handle on the different models. I'll mention a few key things to keep in mind:

  • RG vs. S Vs. ??? - Most of the different lines don't really go in order of quality. There are very basic RG's and fairly expensive RG's. Same goes for the other lines, for the most part. Like you mentioned as well, there are fixed and tremolo versions of the RG and S and other lines we make. The S guitars have a thin body, which really is the biggest difference.
  • $200-$300 used should be enough for a decent RG or S guitar, and it is what I would recommend.
  • The higher then number doesn't always mean a better guitar. This may not be as straight forward, so I wouldn't read too much into the number in terms of quality.

Based on your preference, I'd try to find an RG or S guitar. You could go with something that has an HH configuration and still get versatility out of it by splitting the coils. Or you could go for an HSH configuration for a more true "Superstrat" type. I would not recommend fixating on one specific model over another, because chances are if you're looking for an "RG350DX", you'll probably overlook a comparable RG450, RG370, RG550 etc.

Hope this helps!
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