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William Genovese
#1 Posted : 8/16/2017 12:52:34 AM

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I realize the EKM10T is a signature model, but it has been discussed mostly in the Artcore section of this forum.
I'm seriously considering the purchase of the EKM10T but I've noticed that Premier Guitar mentioned an issue that I'm not sure I could live with. They, and several of their readers, are experiencing an "excessive ringing from the strings between the bridge and tremolo". They said it could be remedied with a piece of foam under the strings in front of the tremolo. But, frankly, that looks like crap. Having played archtops I know this is caused by too long a section of strings between the bridge and tailpiece. I've searched high and low trying to find a retailer within 3 hours of my home town with one in stock but no luck. Even Sweetwater Sound now classifies it a special order that is not returnable. Do any owners of this model have a similar issue and if so have you found a remedy. It's such a beautiful guitar.
#2 Posted : 8/16/2017 2:10:29 PM

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I haven't heard this myself, but I honestly haven't played one of these for an extended period of time. This sounds like it is mostly due to the bridge/tailpiece itself. In which case, anyone who has played or had models with the same tailpiece can probably report on this issue. These other models used the same tailpiece:


This specific bridge is a little unique as it has a screw to anchor is to the body on the front of it:

Hopefully someone who has had this tailpiece/vibrato can chime in on this issue if they've run into it as well.

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William Genovese on 8/16/2017(UTC)
William Genovese
#3 Posted : 8/16/2017 8:06:06 PM

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Thanks for responding. The article is available at Premier Guitar and several people chimed in about the problem. The article states that a piece of foam placed under the strings in front of the vibrato would fix it, but frankly, that would look like crap. Ibanez said it's a known issue. I know a quick fix would be to use o-rings with an outer groove, like the kind they use in electrical panels, is often used on archtops with a trapeze tailpiece just for this reason. You place an 0-ring between the E and A, the D and G, and B and E strings then slide them up or down to find the point that cancels the harmonic. It works but it looks a little weird.
Ibanez said it's an issue they're aware of but haven't taken any action on as not all EKMs do this to a point where it's annoying.
Wish I could find one to play so I don't have to return it if it acts up.
#4 Posted : 8/18/2017 1:10:52 PM

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Tracy Dae
#5 Posted : 8/25/2017 3:07:06 AM
Tracy Dae

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I have had an AM73T for many years and I do not recal ever noticing a ringing. However, the AM body is smaller than the AS body of the EKM10T. So there isn't as much string between the bridge and the tailpiece. I also replaced the stock roller bridge with a much better Wilkinson roller bridge.

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