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#1 Posted : 10/1/2017 3:23:58 PM

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I recently purchased an Am73B semi hollow. I love everything about this guitar but cannot keep it in tune! I installed Gotoh locking tuners (which fit perfectly by the way) but it still goes out of tune after a few songs. Any suggestions?
#2 Posted : 10/2/2017 5:01:51 PM

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Fixed bridge guitars tend to have a little more susceptibility to going out of tune in general. Tghere are a few common things to look at when trying to keep them in tune.

  1. New strings can stretch out and go out of tune. Either stretching them, or regular retuning should get them worn in and keeping tune a bit better than if they were brand new.
  2. Machine heads - As you mentioned, you changed the machines to some better aftermarket ones, and better than that, locking ones!
    This should help keep the tune better, assuming the stock machine heads had a lower tolerance.
  3. Bridge/Nut slippage - In many cases, the strings can get bound up in the bridge, and more often than not, in the nut. This is either due to the nut slots being a little too small for the strings, or just needing a little lubrication. Assuming the nut slots are filed to accommodate the size strings you have, you may want to lubricate the nut slots with graphite(pencil). You can probably find some good guides online. This helps the strings slide more freely in the nut instead of slipping and catching at a lower/higher pitch.

Hopefully this helps a little. Otherwise, if you feel something is happening out of the ordinary and can't figure it out, I'd take it to a repair tech and ask if they can get to the bottom of it.
Tracy Dae
#3 Posted : 10/3/2017 2:42:44 PM
Tracy Dae

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Originally Posted by: steelie60 Go to Quoted Post
Any suggestions?

Tuning stability issues are almost always caused by strings binding in the nut slots. I would very highly recommend replacing the factory plastic nut with a TusQ XL nut. TusQ XL nuts resolve string binding by using a material that is very slippery so the strings can't bind in the slots. GraphTech number 6060 is the correct TusQ XL nut that has the correct string spacing for many Ibanez guitars including the Artcore series. You will need to do the final fitting yourself - or you can take it to a tech to install it for you. A properly shaped and installed nut will have you will thanking yourself for years to come.
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#5 Posted : 11/8/2017 6:58:46 PM

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I purchased one also and had the problem. After a week of allowing string stretch,i took it back and exchanged it. You know after getting the new one out of the box i figured the first guitar was pre-purchased and stuck back on the self.I no longer depend on these people.
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