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GSR200 neck problem
#1 Posted : 1/25/2014 10:31:55 PM

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I just bought my first bass, a beautiful and lightweight transparent red GSR200. This after playing at least ten other basses at my local GC. Once home I noticed that the lower pitched strings buzzed quite a bit. A friend told me the action was too low so I adjusted this at the bridge which reduced some of the buzzing but when I neared 1/8" clearance at the 14th fret the adjusting screws were so far down they were becoming loose. Still buzzed, and now buzzed at the bridge when I played other strings. So I backed off a bit. The G string was fine, the D string took a little adjusting and it is fine. The A string has some buzz and the E is the worst by far. Especially the closer I fret to the nut. Up past the 12th fret is OK.

I then took a closer look at the neck and noticed that along the treble side the neck looked good: some relief with a slight bow, but very even. Normal. The bass side of the neck had a back bow between the nut and the 12th fret!

So my question: can this be remedied with a truss rod adjustment? Or, should I take the thing back? When I bought it they just took it off the wall, put it in a case but no adjusting tools or booklet.

Also, I notice that there is some type of imperfection on the back of the maple neck near the nut, along that treble side. At first I thought it was the wood, but now I think it could be a crack or a ding. A line about 2 inches long parallel to the grain.

#2 Posted : 1/27/2014 2:59:24 PM

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It is difficult to tell what needs to be done exactly. A truss rod adjustment may or may not remedy the situation. Also, when adjusting action, I would usually adjust the neck and make sure it is the straightest it can be BEFORE changing the action.

If the neck ends up being a problem and has some issues that cannot be fixed with a truss rod adjustment, I would suggest returning it while you are within your return period.

Also, the imperfection you noticed, sounds like it can be a crack. In which case, I would also consider returning it. If it is a crack, it may just be cosmetic, and in turn wouldn't really affect the instrument over time. But if it is cracked in the wood, it may lead to more problems or your neck breaking!

Hope this helps,
#3 Posted : 1/27/2016 8:03:35 PM

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I agree with Bill@Ibanez. Always adjust the truss rod before adjusting string height.
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