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Gutting a SR 3005 and changing out the electronics
#1 Posted : 3/26/2016 2:53:36 AM

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I have a SR3005 that has a something wrong with the pre-amp, it has an intermittent high pitch squeal when one of the pots is turned to a certain position. I have cleaned it and the high pitch squeal isn't as bad anymore, but the bass still doesn't sound as good as it should, with the sound being inconsistant although the sound settings don't change (I mostly play it thru a DI).

I'm thinking from reading different places online that it's probably the pre-amp, which should be a Vari Mid II (not sure?).

I really like the way the bass plays, and I want to get some ideas on what I should do. Here are some of my options:

1) Gut all the electronics and replace them with new pups/active preamp
2) Gut all the electronics and replace them with passive pups
3) Replace just the pre-amp

Are the pickups on the bass good enough in your opinions to be worth keeping and just change the pre-amp, or should I spend the money and upgrade the pickups? I believe they are not Barts, it's not the 3005e. But that is another thing that I could be corrected on.

Anyway, would be great to hear any opinions/suggestions, as I need to get this bass up and running again.


#2 Posted : 5/16/2016 9:17:43 AM

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bump... anyone?
#3 Posted : 5/16/2016 6:25:55 PM

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In 2001, this bass was listed as having the srf5 pickups:

But in 2002, it is listed with Bartolini customs:

I believe the srf5 pickups would have the Ibanez logo at the bottom, but I could be wrong:

Either way, these both use the same Vari Mid EQ and both pickups are Passive pickups. The EQ however, is the part that uses the battery to amplify the signal.

  • Option 1 will likely cost a bit, but you'll be able to hand pick what kind of pickups/preamp you want.

  • Option 2 doesn't necessary need to involve replaceing the pickups since these are passive pickups. You should just be able to get away with gutting the EQ and wiring a new passive setup with new pots.

  • Option 3 should work if the problem you are having is caused by the preamp. The most current EQ part number for what you need is 3EQ0001-B. This is a newer replacement EQ that uses the same knob configuration as your bass(2 stacked, 2 normal).

I haven't had any hands on experience with the pickups you have, so I'm not sure if it is worth saving them or not. I would be inclined to try and replace the EQ first to see if it fixes your issues. That way, if it does end up being the pickups, you'll already have a new EQ to use.

#4 Posted : 5/17/2016 6:49:12 AM

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Awesome info! Thanks for the post, and the part info.

If I did replace the pickups/eq, are there any EMG pickups that you would recommend? I recently rewired a guitar with their solderless pickups and controls, and it was REALLY nice to just plug and play without soldering. I don't know anything about their bass pickups, any thoughts?

Thanks again!

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