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New Traded Guitar Day!
#1 Posted : 12/24/2016 12:49:42 AM

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Hey all. I have been trying to sell a bunch of my guitars lately. I have come to the point that I don't really need 60 plus guitars. So I have about 10 on the local Craigslist, with another 10 or so being decided on. Anyway get a call from someone interested in buying my Ibanez RG770. Great guitar, that I just don't need nor played much. I've had it a year or so, and played it out maybe 3 times.
So this comes over, checks it out, and immediately falls in love with it. he's shredding away, checking all 24 frets, and he's loving it! And I felt the guitar was happy, since it's being played by someone who loves that style of play, that the guitar was built for. So here is a snippit of the conversation....
"Man, I love this! I gotta have it!"
"Break out the wallet, and it's yours"
"uhh, well I was hoping you would be interested in a trade, even though your ad said you weren't willing to trade."
"Crap..... ok, won't hurt to look."
He comes in with a case, and I open it......

A 1998 S2540 Prestige! Made at Fuji Gen Gakki, by the best of the best. Now, I LOVE me some Sabre! I always believed it was the finest guitar Ibanez ever put out in the modern history of the company. (yes, even better then the JEM IMHO) I have had the original Pro540S, and have a 470DLX, and the 3 bastard children of the line, the SA, the SZ, and the SAS, and love them, but this thing..... it's like comparing a Yugo to a Bugatti! 2 Pieces sapele top, 2 piece quilted mahogany body, 3 piece maple neck, and 22 of the most perfect frets I have ever seen! Air Norton and a Tone zone. He couldn't bond with it.

"yeah, I bought it new old stock 6 months ago, and it just isn't me. I need 24 frets"
"Uhhhh.... yeah. Ummm, ok, yeah, I think we could trade straight up" As I make sure I didn't pee a little as I strummed a chord on it.

He's totally thrilled with the RG, I am just beyond thrilled with this! Trading is a good thing.
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