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1987 RG550 bridge help
#1 Posted : 3/30/2017 11:18:02 PM

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Hello all. I'm a new member and I'm in need of some assistance. I have a 1987 RG550, and I discovered today, or I should say, it was pointed out to me today, that one of the bridge height adjustment bolts has cracks all around the head. Looks like somebody jammed the wrong size wrench in it or something. It isn't having any kind of adverse effect on the guitar at all, but something that I will obviously be replacing it at some point.

My question is this....which bolt do I need? The Ibanez online store has a couple to choose from, and I'm not sure which one I need. I'll probably replace both when the time comes, but I know less than nothing about things like this. I'm very much a beginner, and while I have some general knowledge, I don't know anything about the bridges on these guitars. I know in 1987 they came with the "Edge", but the bolts listed in the store are for the Edge Pro, Pro 2, Pro 3,etc. I'm leaning towards the 2LE2B Stud Bolt Edge/Lo Pro Edge. This is the only one that just says "Edge" in the description, and the head looks the same. I've never had the bolt out, so I have no idea if the rest of it is the same. How important is it to have the exact right bolt, as long as I replace both? That's probably going to be my stupid question, but see below regarding learning.

Thank you for your patience and assistance. I'm trying to learn about the guitar, and guitars in general as much as possible, on top of trying to learn how to play it, so please pardon my ignorance.

Thank you again.
#2 Posted : 4/3/2017 6:08:10 PM

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2LE2B is definitely the correct bolt. some of the other bolts may have a different thread or size, and wouldn't work. So it is important that you try and use the original bolts to be sure they'll fit!

Be aware as well, these stud bolts should have a secondary screw inside them to lock against the bottom of the anchor.

This guide should help more with trems in general if you needed it:

Hope this helps!
#3 Posted : 4/13/2017 7:24:22 AM

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Thank you very much. I ordered 2 new ones, assuming both of the inserts are still good. I appreciate the help.
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